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Speedy Weld Rod 1/8", 3/32", 5/32"

Welding Supplies

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Envirosafe Speedy Weld Rod 1/8", 3/32", 5/32" Photo - Click to Enlarge


Speedy Weld Rod is different from other weld rods that you have purchased in the past. There is no need to throw away partially used rods because they have ceased to produce a weld ark. Simply pick the rod up and use the entire rod, thus resulting in savings.

Speedy Weld Rod is also a moisture resistant welding rod. There is no need to store these welding rods in the oven or refrigerator in an attempt to keep them moisture free. Speedy can be left out on or in your work bench for hours, days or weeks with no worry of loss of use resulting from moisture.

Welding has never been easier - the results are smooth running weld beads in no time!

Most welding rods only work when the material to be welded is clean, unpainted, grease and dirt free, and free of other contaminates.  Worry no longer - this rod will weld through the nasty stuff - animal waste.  There is no need to clean the metal completely to get a nice weld bead.  This rod welds galvanized metal, thin metal, you can even weld overhead with much less spatter than regular weld rods.  The slag brushes off without the use of a slaghammer.  We do not recommend leaving the weld rods out in the snow or rain, but if you do it is not going to have any negligible effects on this rod!

Available in Three Sizes:

1/8", 3/32" and 5/32"

Technical Information:

Speedy weld rod produces less fumes and gases than regular rods.  Speedy Weld rod has a high tensile strength of 90,000 psi.  It can be used on any power source  or AC - DC welder.  Speedy weld rod can use both gap or drag technique.  Speedy weld rod has an elongation of 24%.

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